I am lucky guy with a great family, both at home and at school.  I have been teaching for a while now and just when I think I have something mastered, something new and exciting comes along that I need to try.  Teachers truly are lifelong learners.  Sorting through the overwhelming amount of the newest, techie-est, and inquiry-focused ideas and methods is part of the job.

It’s all about finding what clicks for the kids.  Students are creating things like I’ve never seen before.  Putting digital tools in their hands, giving them some guidance and letting them explore and make mistakes is where the magic happens.  Uncovering curriculum is fun, and giving students some technical know-how and developing a sense of “I can do that” is the satisfying part of teaching.

However…I’m learning too!  Things are changing so rapidly.  Technology I was using ten years ago is now antiquated.  Where will we be in five or ten more years?  It’s exciting!  So I am learning with my students every day.  Together we are trying new things and we are having so much fun doing it.

So welcome to my little online journal.  I hope to share some successes here and perhaps give a glimpse into what a third grade looks like with ‘next generation learning’… a place where the world is at our fingertips.

Mr. D.

Note:  If you dig cross-country mountain-biking, all-you-can eat sushi, performing music loudly in your basement with your kids, rollercoasters, and the occasional netflix binge, we have something in common!

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