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It’s time to change roles again.  A year working in an Instructional Coach capacity has been an incredible opportunity to learn, gain perspective, and meet so many inspiring educators.  Some circumstances out of my control meant that I was interviewing for a new classroom teacher position a few weeks ago.

I generally believe that things happen for a reason.   As it so happens, I successfully interviewed for a position in a building that has been on my radar for a while.  The people, the space, the diversity, the ‘feel’, the vision.  I saw myself there and now I’m so fortunate to have a classroom waiting for me this fall.

Anticipation.  I’m excited – even more-so than I thought I’d be.  Being invited to tour the space (generous!), meet the teachers and staff, hear the buzz of learning and see the manners on display by the students… yep – I’m 100% in!

Spring has generally meant that I start looking forward to the next fall.  Not that I don’t enjoy all the months of the school year…it’s just that class lists are usually created about now and supplies are ordered for the fall.  It’s hard not to start visualizing, or re-visualizing your classroom space.  What stuck from the previous year?  What needs to be reconsidered?  What connected most with the students?  It’s exciting to think about introducing a new crew of kids to a shared space designed to inspire.

I pull out my copy of ‘The Third Teacher’ (highly recommended) to remind me about the importance of designing a modern learning space.  The sea of vertical whiteboard spaces, ample natural light and flexible seating options in my new classroom certainly do not limit design options.  Out comes my sketching paper and a lot of my ‘how’ starts to unconsciously come together as I put pencil strokes down and consider what the walls, floors and configurations will look like.  Talk about anticipation – designing learning spaces is a lot of fun and can truly tell a lot about a teacher’s educational philosophy.

I’m already inspired by and looking to connect with my future colleagues and admin – I want to learn from them, and maybe offer little bits of assistance or inspiration in return.  I crave the opportunity to collaborate.  It doesn’t happen everywhere.  I feel the vibe walking into this school and I’m so optimistic that the positive working relationships (teacher/teacher, teacher/admin, teacher/students/parents/community) are the reason the building feels like a special place.  I’ll do everything I can to be a value-add to the community.  I’m inspired to do so – the new physical space is almost begging for student inquiry, collaborative learning, a “Thinking Classroom” approach, movement, creativity, and technology integration. Sign me up!

The PD day in June will be a chance to officially sit with colleagues as part of a school staff.  I miss that.  It will be great to belong.  I see the vision and I couldn’t be more excited about getting started.

To new beginnings!