My Personal Playlist Podcast


I was both excited and intimidated when asked to be a guest on the wonderful Noa Daniel’s P3 Podcast.  I knew it would be great to reconnect with her, but the premise of choosing three songs (just three!!!) to help frame a lifetime is completely daunting.  A nostalgia song, and identity song, and a motivational tune.  The concept is wonderful.

I had months to think through my song options and it truly wasn’t until the last moment when I was able to settle on the songs that help tell my ‘story’.  Noa – well done.  You got me thinking!  I’m so pleased with the final result and it was a treat to share my stories and find parallel’s in my teaching life as we connected over music.

Noa is a busy person and also blogged about the experience. Here’s the link.—Jay-Dubois-Mantra-and-the-Themes-of-His-P3

I’m humbled, Noa.  The whole experience made me smile.