It’s been a while.  My blog output has really decreased since leaving the classroom capacity and navigating the Instructional Coaching world.   Things are cooking again, though, with some thought fuel pieces of the puzzle coming back into play.

I once blogged about being ‘ignited’. I did my first IGNITE talk last year and was recently invited to prepare an IGNITE for a Faculty of Education / Public Library venture into discussing ‘making’.  I might have the least-makerish talk out of the impressive list of speakers as I plan to dive into the creation and innovation opportunities a design-thinking approach provided my 3s last year. It was a joy to take them through the process and is a professional highlight of my career.

I look forward to the opportunity to share classroom successes.  It’s what I’m all about.  This spark of edu-extracurricularism is something I hunger for.  A community of educators talking education for the sake of talking education.  No payment.  Lots of nerves.  Powerful though, and fire-lighting.

Reset.  It’s a word an Innovator colleague has brilliantly harnessed when naming her transformation project  Gosh, I love it (and the swag is sweet, Jen!).  So I turn inward and re-examine the successes (and fails!) of my new role.  I think I feel confident in having built the ever-so-important relationships necessary to foster collaboration.  It feels good to have students in multiple buildings call you by name and ask if you’re returning to their room soon.  Pretty amazing.

Reset. Time to get real with my Crowd-Sourcing Promising Practices community / Google Innovator project. has been so many different things for me.  Learning opportunity.  Lesson(s) in humility.  Empowered colleagues. An attempt at trying to make sharing contagious.


It’s not contagious yet.  That’s the reality.  I look back to my aggressive OKR’s (a googly term for quarterly objectives).  A six-month check-in with 45 of us simultaneously doing a Google Meet reminded me that NOT achieving your goals means that you set a good and challenging goal. It was reassuring because instead we default to feeling unsuccessful when goals aren’t met.

I need to reach more teachers.  I need to relaunch my brand with more marketing (hello Instagram and Facebook – yikes!).  A slight pivot on my digital workflow needs to happen. That is clear.

I’m hitting ‘reset’ and digging in anew.  I need to be hungry.  Once momentum occurs I’ll just hang on for the ride and watch my project become it’s own entity.

So that being said, connect with me.  Hit ‘reset’, take a risk and inspire classroom teachers with me.  Share something small but meaningful for students.  There’s an audience for your insight.

Let’s make sharing contagious.