Coaching or Co-Learning?

It has been a large shift for me this fall.  As a new Instructional Coach, I get to be in classrooms every day.  The adjustment is getting used to not being responsible for a homeroom class of students of my own.  Instead, I get to plant seeds, answer questions and pose questions with grown ups.  After thirteen years spending the majority of my day interacting with kids, its a change I am still adapting to.

I ask the question of  ‘coach’ or ‘co-learner’.  I think the line is blurred for me as educators that are open to ‘coaching’ are truly ready to be co-learners.  They understand that I am not an expert but instead a fellow teacher excited to help out in any way that is useful for moving the learning forward.  It is such an enriching role – I get to co-learn and co-create with great teachers.  Bouncing ideas around is fun and it’s inspiring to work with professionals who want the very best for their students.

“Let’s try that!”      Music to my ears.

For every new direction I can support, I receive three amazing ideas back.  My brain is full of the sights and sounds of learning that I want to try with my students when I’m back in a classroom full time.  In the meantime, I’m absorbing every little morsel, and hopefully planting enough seeds to make a difference.

Here’s a quick summary of cool things happening in the buildings I’m supporting.  I hope to reflect like this every month or so.  Summarizing a few months of work into one page is a challenge and only scratches the surface of what 9+ weeks holds.   It’s a great practise for me, however, as it forces me to recognize all the learning taking place, both for the teachers I get to work with and for myself.  I’m becoming a better teacher every day – I just need to drop enough breadcrumbs to ensure that I can find all the good stuff when I circle back and need it.

Celebrate Teaching Fall 2018