Why EdCamp?


An opportunity to join the team for organizing the 2018 EdCamp London #edcampldn was one I jumped at.  I’ve actually never even heard of an EdCamp before, yet I knew the prospect of energetic teachers gathering for teacher talk, coffee, food and ignites was promising.

Was I ever impressed.

Basically in an EdCamp format participants arrive and jot down some topics of interest (literally all over the board) and the team then link together ideas into big themes and assign rooms in which participant-led conversations to happen.  It’s organized teacher talk time – with coffee and food!

How does a session, let’s say,  on ‘google sites’ come together? Naturally, in a room a few experienced teachers are there to share their expertise, potentially connecting their device to the projector. Others then start to share their experiences.  You get a feel for the room and ensure that everyone is getting something of value from the session (or they can move on to a different session if they like).

I observed educators sharing and celebrating ideas and new learning.  Beginners in one session are experts in another – it’s buzz-worthy experience where questions are safely posed and honestly addressed.  Because there are no official speakers, it felt more like an awesome prep where your favourite teachers are in the staff room at the same time.

Time flew, and I left in an amplified mood.  It’s feels great to share, and even better to learn.  I made new connections, grew my PLN, and had the opportunity to try something new (read below👇🏻).

The mood made this event a success.  Sharing, re-connecting, being inspired.  Imagine if PD days were like this?

Until next year, EdCamp.  Big thanks to some great educators in the photo above (David, Sue, Dawn and Heidi).  It was great to learn to the ropes from/with you!