Crowd-Sourcing Promising Practices ~ A Google Innovator Application

My Google Certified Innovator Application Video

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 10.01.32 PM
Finding Solutions to Problems

This is it.  I’m sharing my Google Innovator #LAX18 application video online.  My application took a lot of time, pivoting, confering and brainstorming.  I’ve thought, re-thought, changed directions and eventually come to a comfort level with a ‘problem’ in education for which I think energy is deserved for developing a potential solution.

I’m putting myself out there by blogging and tweeting about my idea as I want to practice what I “preach”.  Transparency.  Being okay with failure.  Earnestly hoping to be successful so that I can develop my own skills and amplify the voices of the many educators who have the GREATEST ideas to share, but not necessarily the platform.  I want crowd-sourced, cross-silo sharing to inspire both contract teachers and teacher candidates.  I want to turn the volume to 11 and help teachers find that perfect little bite of PD…just when they need it.

PD should be igniting passions, not fueling insecurities.

Cross your fingers and wish me luck on my application.   Lets celebrate and exchange ideas together.