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It was an unexpected surprise to be approached by the EdTechTeam to write a blog for their site about the digital work my students are regularly creating with Google and mobile tools.  At first, I thought “what am I possibly going to be able to teach others”?  I suppose if there is one thing that I sometimes notice it’s that the discussion about the edtech-amplified work of our younger learners is not always readily available.  In primary especially, there are so many factors that impact the ability for teachers to dive deep into tech-integration (e.g., access to tech, the time and scaffolding required to learn new apps, logging in, etc.).  I have been so very fortunate to be able to fund a 1:1 device classroom, partly due to Ministry TLLP funding.  As such, I am agressively developing the ‘digital toolbelts’ of my grade 3’s as much as possible in an effort to determine trends around their selection of tech tools and apps that I can then share forward with others.

Students are very proud of their work.  The wow-factor in ‘publishing’ their daily thinking digitally every day is seen on the faces of parents during sharing events in the classroom.  The engagement factor of using digital tools to share thinking has not wained in the least.  Students are solidifying new modalities for communicating their knowledge. I decided to focus on our class mantra ‘Create-Explore-Digitize-Reflect & Connect’ and piece together a blog that leans towards the big wins in my classroom this year.  There are too many to include in a short piece of writing – but I consider that a ‘win’ as well.

Click here to read my Blog on Amplifying Student Voice with Edtech

For the full-colour, chock-full of samples version, check out the Google Site I created to build my blog ideas here.  I am so fortunate to have a group of students and parents this year that are open to sharing work with other teachers as part of our TLLP sharing. I cannot take the credit for the work of my grade 3’s – it is such a treat and honour to be able to showcase some of their thinking and creativity with an authentic audience.

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