02309B84-B4EC-453F-8F8C-23DA2E39E964It’s official.  This is my last Spring as an elementary school homeroom teacher for a while.  The school where I’ve spent the last thirteen years succeeding, failing and improving will be in my rear-view on the last day of school.  I don’t know how I feel about that yet – ask me after June 28th.  I have accepted an Instructional Coach position for the Board effective this fall.

I’m thrilled.  It feels right.  The timing is good.  There is certainly uncertainty about what this new role, new direction, will feel like.  I’m quite used to the great peaks and pitfalls of daily classroom teaching. No two days are the same and students keep you on your toes at all times.  The 3:30 bell usually arrives before you’re ready for it.  How long will it take to adjust to a role less defined by bells?

I really do like change, as long as I feel as though I have something to offer.  I feel that a lot of my recent experiences will serve me well in the coaching role.  I will have the opportunity to be a teacher resource in a small grouping of schools.  A friend and colleague of mine told me to enjoy the role as it is a gift of a position.  I’m holding onto that sentiment tightly.  I’m an appreciative guy, and I already feel richer for this upcoming experience.  Pay it forward.