Post-Challenge Relief

Do you ever have those times in life where you know that something is good for you, but you’re not looking forward to having to ‘earn’ it?  My Google Certified Educator, Level 2 certification was just that.  I knew it’s value.  I knew I’d learn through the online module training process (and I did!).  I knew I’d likely pass.  Yet in this point of my life, exams aren’t something I complete often.

It’s not a regular event where I need to accomplish a large number of tasks in exactly 3 hours.  The time pressure is the piece I need to amp myself up about.  I get it.  If you have mastery of content, especially as an adult, perhaps that suggests that you should be able to problem-solve very quickly.  But let me tell you, when I had less than ten minutes left to complete the final multi-step task on a prescribed platform, I panicked. Flying fingers and no time for contemplation there!

It worked out.  It did make me think about my classroom and I wonder if I ever inadvertently add this timed pressure to any of my assigned tasks. I think I’m pretty flexible with a diverse number of student needs and I can’t ever remember saying “sorry, no more time for you”.  That being said, does speed equal efficiency?  If school was a business, would ‘efficient’ be a hireability look-for?  Ah, a question for another time.

So here it is.  I have 36 months before I need to put myself in the pressure-cooker again. Part of me likes the pressure – full disclosure.  Not sure my effectiveness, based on speed alone, tells my whole story.   Nevertheless, I’m proud to finish another round of micro-credentialling.  G Suite for Education continues to rock my world and I’m excited to be immersed in the Google world.  Some of my favourite teachers out there are Google-Certified or even Innovators.  It’s a tech ecosystem that is powerful in so many ways for both teachers and students.  Let me know if you’d like some help getting started on your certification journey.