Bridging the Gap

55A17FA6-5774-4004-A2BE-15D87D61F3E6.jpegThe Listen Louder TLLP has a rather aggressive ‘share the learning’ component with presence of our team members at many conferences and online spaces.  One of the initial sharing targets I had early on was sharing in some capacity with preservice students at Western.  I had once screencasted a tech and literacy video that was shared with a number of elementary sections and received positive feedback.  How might students receive an hour on amplifying student voice in math classrooms with the G Suite of apps?

We visited three times to a combined number of about 130 P/J/I students.  It’s always fun to share something new.  It is always a reflective experience when you leave understanding that what is ‘ordinary’ for you might be something novel and incredible to others.  Such was the case with these future teachers.  An hour was simply a taste, and exposure to the tech languages TVDSB students speak seemed very much welcomed.

In other news, my brain never stops.  I’m cooking up a project that may include my fellow Googly teachers.  I need to find a way to call an audience with the right people and tap into the relationship the board has with the Faculty.  An opportunity seems to be uncovering itself.  Stay tuned.