tvo Never Stop Learning

I was honoured to be approached to create a one hour webinar for the TeachOntario branch of tvo.  The Professional Learning Series is a collection of webinars created collaboratively around a variety of timely topics.  The topic I was asked to contribute to was outdoor learning.  In concert with Diane Kashin and Hopi Martin (and lots of online screen-time via Hangouts and Adobe Connect) an over-arching theme for our hour was ‘Land as the First Teacher: Uncovering Curriculum Outdoors”.

There was some exciting build-up as preregistrations for the webinar were quite high and during the web event a number of participants could not actually get into the system due to traffic.  Nevertheless, the hour flew by, and a variety of approaches from ECE and FNMI perspectives though to my reflection on my Forest School experiences were woven into a ‘product’. We were able to interact with our participants via chat boxes, polls and a google maps exercise. Very cool.

The video is now on the Professional Learning Series site on tvo for all to view.  The feedback has been great.  I encourage you to check out this site, not necessary for my session, but to tap into the resources made available by some talented teachers from across the province.  Thanks tvo!

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