Connecting…or Crowd-Sourcing?



Tonight (November 22nd, 2017) the Listen Louder TLLP co-hosted an #OnEdChat.  We are so thankful to the OnEdChat team (especially my friend Allison) for allowing us to use the provincial platform as a way to gather thoughts from other teachers on a topic that is of great interest to us at the moment.

In the pre-twitter world how would this have been possible?  It’s really cool that teachers have found this avenue for reaching out beyond the silos of their schools or Boards.  I feel various levels of ‘connection’ to members of my PLN.  You have those who you follow who post intermittently and then there are those who are biggies in your network. Conversing with them becomes part of your normal.

My personal learning from tonight was not about a specific app or tech tool that someone mentioned, but that the idea of providing choice in tools and sharing methods is something that is not necessarily wide-spread…yet ; )  Self-assessment is, again, something teachers likley dabble in, but is not necessarily a big PD focus within Boards, so it becomes something that teachers would self-direct as they see beneficial for their students.  All the good stuff often is ; )

A take-away from the chat would be that the skeleton of our project, the single point rubric, is a tool that consistently is something relatively unknown when introduced to teachers.  Once it’s explained how it’s used, I’m often requested to forward a copy.  This makes me smile.  It means our team is onto something.

I also need to take a moment to shout-out my TLLP teammates.  I’m consistenly surprised (yet not surprised) at how knowledgeable and forward-thinking the team is.  We are not yet coming across a lot of digital tools being used by peers that we haven’t yet heard of.  I guess that means we’re doing our homework well.  We’re jumping into new tools with two feet and not looking back.  The digital toolbelt expands.  It’s not full yet.

Thank you to members of the chat tonight for taking an hour out of their busy teacher lives.  Crowd-sourcing thinking is powerful and makes me reflect.  Connecting is what it’s all about.  #onedchat <– check it out!