Manipulating Reality

Students were tasked with ‘hooking’ in their audience with a poetic provocation.  Take an image of a place in our community – sourced from a recent community photography walking tour – and twist it digitally so as to perhaps camouflage the original location. Make the audience look twice, right?  And while they’re at it, perhaps read the selection of adjectives each student has added to their community identity poem.

How to hook your audience with a visual POW in a few easy steps.

  1. Take great photos.  We used the grid feature on our iPads to select images that filled 2/3rds of the screen. This left some white space – important!
  2. Import photo into Google Drawing.  Shrink/size the image until it covers 1/4th of the drawing.
  3. Using image options, tint the photo and adjust transparency and brightness so that a black font would contrast with the image nicely.
  4. Now flip the photo vertically and horizontally to create a kaleidoscopic effect.
  5. Add text boxes with your message and arrange them strategically.

BOOM! A futuristic look at something ordinary.  We focused on locations in our community. Let’s find out if our audience can figure out where in town we were.

Putting the visual into literacy.

Carters identity poem

Hunters identy poem!!!!!

Nevaeh's Identity peom

Kyle's identity poem