Canada 150 Project ‘Portal’

The new google sites makes creating a webpage really fun and truly simple.  I have been collecting student samples of work to share for the national project entitled A Kid’s Guide To Canada and wondering about the cumbersome nature of uploading so many digital works to someone else’s website form.  I want to share as many cool things as we can but was not interested in the administration side of multiple uploads.

Then, brainstorm!

Through the amazing sharing capacity of Google Drive, I was able to upload the samples I wanted to a Google Site that I created.  I uploaded the Google Site link to the A Kid’s Guide to Canada webpage and now I only need to update my Site, not theirs.  What this means is I’m more likely to add fresh content as it is as simple as selecting new videos, photos or other works and inserting them into the existing site.

We’re JUST getting started, but check it out!  Poetry, digital photography manipulation, bilingual green-screen films and heritage artifact memes to come!

Screenshot 2017-03-23 at 9.54.03 PM