It’s Official ~ #TLLP2017/2018

The 2017-2018 Teacher Learning and Leadership Program proposals have been selected by the Boards and the Ministry has responded with letters of acceptance.  Reading the confirmation email was an almost physical response. So many things are going through my head.  Excitement. Pride. Nervousness (we get budget!).  Most of all, anticipation!

TLLP is all about teachers in the classroom taking on an inquiry project about pedagogy and modern practice.  It’s about making professional literature come to life in a real classroom.  It’s about connecting theory to practice.

It’s about connecting.  Period.  This is a people project.  Peers and professional people, and of course – the little people that live in my primary/junior classroom.  How are they connecting to our math teaching?  Are they on the right path to real world math awesomeness?  Can they outperform Siri?

The application process involved narrowing an area of interest (math, technology, student self-assessment, single point rubrics, student voice) into a path of data collection, professional learning and experimentation in the classroom.  Experimentation!

Crafting a proposal (and an accompanying video sharing our vision for learning and sharing) with my co-lead, Aretta Blue, lead to a question being answered with a question. This seems like a BIG project and there is a rabbit hole element in that the math world is abuzz with renewal at the moment.  So we need to be clear in what we hope to learn and share with others.


We are learners, first and foremost, and do not claim to be math experts.  But we want to be.  We feel that the student voice in the assessment process is crucial, and we know that having choice in how they demonstrate their math thinking empowers kids.  Technology is the tool of now, so a healthy access to iPads to use as a way to share thinking is an environment we are now able to provide.  There are so many opportunities for data collection, and we get to align ourselves with invested educators who relish in sharing, connecting and celebrating. How cool!

We get to take our team of amazing people to conferences that celebrate innovation and the modern student.  We get to share our learning at local and provincial conferences and find ways to excite pre-service teachers at the Faculty of Education.  We will be present online, both in the TLLP community and through twitter and blogging.  We want to connect.  We want our work to be informative.  We have big dreams for our little project!

Colleagues, Instructional Coaches, Board staff, Western Faculty, and twitter peers comprise the larger ‘team’. This will continue to grow.  I am so thankful for this.  We’re just getting started. I’m so very grateful to have the opportunity to make a difference, however little, in a profession that has been so good to me.