You’re supposed to try something scary, right?  Well, screencastifying a recent conference presentation was a new challenge for me.  I mean, who really likes the sound of their own voice?  However, if it means sharing your ideas with an appreciative audience, it’s worth it.   So I launched the screencastify extension on my chrome book, grabbed a snowball mic and a comfy chair, and hit ‘record’.

Apparently the YouTube video editor only allows 15 minute clips of video to be uploaded at a time, so my talk about moving ‘beyond the book report’ is broken into three sections.  I certainly wish I had a voice for radio…in person I’m the excitable teacher who gets red in the face and uses a ridiculous amount of hand gestures.  Somehow this doesn’t transfer over well when it’s just audio.

Nevetheless, here’s a first for me.  Thanks for asking, Lori McKee.  I just know you’re steering those pre service students into the next generation of inspirational teachers!