iPad Cart – ‘Making’

‘Maker’ has been one of the buzziest terms of the last 12 months.  I’m still trying to reconcile how this is different than a ‘creator’, but regardless of the term I think it is pretty cool that we are recognizing the importance of building and designing things – whether they be digital or concrete.  In the spirit of ‘making’ I tasked my handy dad with an iPad storage cart project.  My parameters were complicated. I only have two available outlets to charge a class set of iPads.  I also need to be able to securely lock up the devices when necessary.  Finally, my budget cannot even approach what the cost of pre-made iPad storage carts go for in stores (Yikes!!!).

Together we wrestled with a few concepts. Then my dad thought of something similar to a tool cart hack he already had in his garage and the project was a go!  Check out the tutorial video.  I’m so pleased with the final result.

Classroom iPad Cart Hack