Portable iPad Soundbooths


DIY time.  I don’t want to pay big bucks for something I can make.  $60 of materials and I now have five portable recording booths that can be used in the classroom!  Why?  21st century students voice-type, overdub, narrate and explain their thinking…primarily with iPads.  A room is super noisy, though, so how do you accomplish multiple recordings in a day?  More importantly, what are the quality of these recordings?  By placing the iPad inside this ‘studio’ students can almost eliminate all background noises – even while sitting at their desk in a busy space.  Students think they are doing something really important when they are asked to grab a mini studio – and they’re right!

STEP 1 – Purchase bins that are large enough to stick an iPad and a few hands inside.  Also purchase a bumpy foam bed topper. A queen size was perfect for the five I made.

STEP 2 – Start measuring and cutting.  This won’t be a pro job, so cut yourself some slack 🤔.  I used one large piece like a letter U for the wide sides and bottom.  I then cut two side panels from leftover foam.


STEP 3 – Attach foam with an adhesive spray or perhaps, as mentioned by a coworker after I had already finished, use Velcro sticker strips.  Much cleaner!

STEP 4 – You’re already done!  You just saved yourself money, created student buzz and made classroom recording a daily possibility.