Movie Making as Digital Retell

Stop Motion Retell – a fun example.

imageIt was sit back and watch time as my 4’s took a second crack at stop motion animation.  We had used the technique about six weeks prior and I was hopeful that today’s lesson would run smoothly.  I was so impressed.  There is something about kids and technology that we sometimes underestimate.  They worked in groups to recreate the most important event from a novel they had been studying (using a ‘digital bookmark’ approach from Learn Like a Pirate).

One period was for creating the characters, speech bubbles and setting.  Period two was filming day.  We danced around an issue with our app and problem-solved a way to import the films into iMovie so we could then add soundtracks.  Students taught each other.  Final products were proudly displayed for an appreciative audience on our smartboard.  Definitely something I will turn to more often as a way to share an idea.

We don’t have the Explain Everything app on our iPads, so this is my lo-fi / high tech workaround.  I can imagine explanatory films on approaches to multiplication or sorting rocks by characteristics…there’s so many fun ways to share thinking with film!