Stool Update

Yes, pressing news, I know! So after initial student squeals of excitement about the flashy new seating, we quickly discovered that the stools were too tall to fit under their desks.  The answer was to either shorten the stool legs or raise the desks.  A broken screwdriver, 20 minutes and 3 blisters later, the desks were heightened. The students fit and so far say they’re comfy.

Unexpected bonus: these heightened desks actually work out pretty good for standing and working for 9-10 year olds!  This is perfect for that kid that needs or likes to move a little while working.  The more seating choice the better!  I’m in!  I’m converting this room!

Here’s a problem to solve…and the answer is probably worth a mint.  How do you keep these sticky felts on?  Oh, the small things sometimes.