Is a Stool the Tool?


My IKEA order arrived and I had my kids help me build some stools.  I’m in experiment mode tomorrow at school…how will swapping out traditional chairs for stools work in my classroom?  I started with four stools.  I figure this will allow me to observe each ‘pod’ of students over the next few weeks.

In my mind things will go one of a few ways.  Let’s explore.

  1.  students find them uncomfortable and distracting.  They’d rather be slouching and challenging others to balancing contests.
  2. Students think they are ‘cool’ because they’re different.  It ultimately does not affect their learning.
  3. Students adapt well to the change and Mr. D. starts becoming creative with the flexible seating options they provide.

I sure hope option three is the reality.  By flexible seating arrangements I mean that I can call a group of kids over and they’ll bring their stools with them for a quick ‘knees in’ circle meeting.  Or perhaps carpet time whole group lessons look a bit more like a grown up session where participants sit on stools instead of on the floor.  Sounds more mature, doesn’t it? Hopefully students think so too and buy into using the new seats appropriately. Quick and flexible groupings sound wonderful.

The one teacher pet peeve I won’t miss?  The squeaking and squawking of 100+ chair legs as kids transition between activities.  Ack!  Fewer freestyle chair gymnastics wipeouts will also be welcome 😏

Game on, stools!