About the guitar

This is from my son’s new blog. He is in grade 2 and he is really excited to write online as opposed to practicing his writing in a notebook. I often use him as a guinea pig to try out ideas that I might want to try in class. I figure that if he can do something digitally, with support from me, my grade 4’s will be able to do the same task independently with success. So with this in mind, I am now trying to plan out how Room 205 is going online soon with individual blogs. Stay tuned!

In Fin's HEAD

When you get a guitar You have to do some work .

step.1  First go to pick a new guitar. You have a choice.🎸

Step.2 name  your guitar. I just got to name my  guitar  Lightning.

step.3 learn some cords then if you can learn how to play the guitar.

step.4  then make a  Garage  band  and go step by step!

Click here to see me play my guitar

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