Sphero: Fad or Fantastic?


I bought one. The school bought a few.  Now what?  This little guy is a rolling dynamo (for an hour per charge) and the interest / excitement a robotic ball can generate is impressive.  So I feel, as an educator, I need to be able to prove how a robot ball helps me cover curriculum.   Or, is it a way, a “hook” I can get kids to explore curriculum elements through…  a device or vehicle?

I think it’s both.   Sphero can be a character in a building challenge, or a math tool programmed to analyze angles and distance.  It can be a representation of a sci-fi future (green screen movie trailer alert) or the paintbrush in a slow exposure light paint art piece.

So I’ve done some scouring to start a list of ways I want to explore with this high tech programmable pet.  One thing is certain.  This is meaningful education as long as the student is the doer, the coder, the planner, the engineer, the reporter, the film director, the creative problem solver.  Otherwise it’s just a cool toy.

I’m in!  Fantastic!

Here’s my idea list.  I’d certainly love some suggestions.

SPHERO Ideas…so far!