Cross Curricula Circus

Gymnastics, music interpretation, gesture sketching, visual arts, and dance.  Stir them together and arrive with our affectionately-named “GDART”.  Yup.  The grade fours are channeling Cirque Du Soleil and using collaboration skills to design and perform a symmetrical circus performance.   All video snippets are sewn together and given an arty filter to make it dramatic.

When completing multi-subject tasks it’s interesting, and easy, to see how many curriculum links sneak into the mix.  Then add in the learning skills and it becomes a highly-assessible project.

Next steps:  independent video reviews via Google classroom online forms, learning skill endorsements via, a grow and a glow with a Padlet shared document and assessment of gesture drawings for a visual arts mark.  Take it further!  Let’s use the elements of dance to do a ‘making tracks’ or mindmap review activity.

Check our our our final product:

GDART Cirque Performance Video