Stop Motion Metaphors

iPads, Fleetwood Mac and stop motion animation.  A perfect match for my grade 4’s today. The challenge was to examine and interpret a chorus or verse from the classic “Landslide” lyrics.  I was at first asking myself why I’d chosen such a somber tune to practice inferencing, but once students had the chance to look at the metaphors in the song they truly surprised me with the depth of their understanding and came up with meaning that I had never considered.  To top it off, I wanted them to visually represent this with stop motion animation on our school iPads.  One ten minute lesson and sixty minutes of ‘animation workshop time’ and we had all the pieces we needed to supplement the lyrics.

Oh, and did I mention that we performed the song live for the music video?  The kids nailed it.

From a teaching perspective, I always remember these rich projects.  Students are excited, motivated and creative.  They know there’s an audience and the collaborative efforts really result in something meaningful.  What a fun day.

Grade 4 Landslide video