So we remixed some code today from the very open-sourced MIT website,  Remixing means taking a program created by someone else (usually other students on this site), looking at their code, and recreating our own version of the code.  So we took an intro code named ‘hide and seek’ and changed a few variables like background, size, speed, sounds, etc.  We also had the chance to discuss loops and time commands.  Partners ended up with fun video games they programmed from scratch!  There was a lot of excitement in the room as well as some inevitable problem solving (good things!!!).  Quite a few students told me they were going to do some more coding at home. Cool!

I’m going to be using some keen coders to help me with a Secret Code Club at school.  Each Friday we will pass invitations to 6 students from other classes and tutor them in Scratch.  Just spreading the fun and giving students the opportunity to be teachers!

I have also been playing with the free Hopscotch app for iDevices.  Very similar lego-style drop and connect coding commands as Scratch.  Worth checking out.  Definitely an in-demand skill set in the 21st Century.