Why Chromebooks?

I adore the chromebooks being used daily in the classroom.  Many people scratch their head when they learn that these laptops don’t have much of a harddrive (about 9 gigs) and really only access online tools or a small handful of Google apps.  But that’s exactly why it’s so effective.  It boots up in less than 10 seconds.  Every time.  Kids are instantly working and learning with these tools and are not bogged down with a slow login process.  Basically a chromebook is a tablet with a keyboard and a few usb ports.  They are super lightweight and I purchased one on amazon for less than $230.  It holds a charge for a whole day.  So far we have had zero tech hiccups with the chromebooks at school.  Sign me up!

Chromebooks run Google’s software, so it goes without saying that Chromebooks are most effective in a classroom environment where Google Classroom and Google Drive is used primarily.  So there is a nice fit with room 205.  They speak a bit of a different language than our iPads and hardwired PCs, but through Google Drive they can all talk to each other and share data.  As for the lack of storage, that’s what Google Drive is for.  More on that later.