Online Bulletin Boards (shared docs Pt. 2)

As I’ve said before, teachers are always learning.  I have a great Instructional Coach who likes sharing the coolest new things she is seeing in classrooms.  When she read my last post on collaborative documents she suggested the two online bulletin boards seen above.

Titanpad is on the left.  You simply create a new ‘pad’ and send the link to everyone who you think should have access.  It automatically colour codes everyone’s input (any device!).  You can then upload the ‘pad’ or do whatever you want with it.

Padlet is on the right.  It is either a website (with login) or a free app that easily links to our google acccounts.  It doesn’t colour code everyone’s input, but you can change it’s look and feel.  Students loved watching their little posts pop up while other students were busy working on their own posts.  We had some neat observations and “I wonder” questions with our tuning fork exploration.  You can add images, videos and links.  It works a lot like educational pinterest!  Cool.