Google DRIVE

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Google has been a bit of a revelation for me this year.  Google Drive is the command centre for all the apps we use daily (docs, forms, drawings, maps, chrome, youtube).  It is how we access the “9 dots” (ask your child) and our Google Classroom environment.

Here’s my ultimate list of why I am a fan:

  • Once something is opened or created, it AUTOMATICALLY saves!  You will never lose a digital document ever again.  This is a big deal in a classroom setting.  It’s changed how I use technology.
  • Everything in Drive can be shared with one click with anyone in Thames Valley (or external people with gmail accounts).  Students are sharing and collaborating.  And they can send their work to me for online commenting and editing : )
  • Students will never need a USB memory stick.  Ever.  We never connect anything with wires.  Every image, document or link can be uploaded to Google Drive from any technology device in the classroom.
  • I can work on things in my Drive anywhere in the world on any web-enabled device.  I did my blog post last week at the arena on my iphone using saved images in my Google Drive that students took with the classroom iPad the day before. I still can’t really believe this is all possible.  Letting go of wires and slow uploads is taking some getting used to!
  • History:  as a teacher I am thankful that I can easily peek at any document in Drive and see who edited the document and when.  The revision history allows us to problem solve.
  • Finally – kids get it.  They can easily find all the documents they’ve created.  They are not stressing about forgetting about which ‘hand-in folder’ they need to access or following the 8 step directions on how to save somewhere where I can find their work.  They just start typing.  And how awesome is that?