Sharing live documents


One of the cooler things I’ve been trying to wrap my head around is being able to have all pods working on the same online document at the same time.  By seeing what other groups are typing, you can change your own thinking before typing in your own group’s answer.  This ends up with less repetition in answers and promotes unique ideas.

So here’s how.  In Google classroom, I post a google drawing that I created earlier.  It can be a blank page, an image or have an organizer inserted.   I make sure that when it is posted I select ‘students can edit’.  When the assignment is opened by the students they will see a blinking cursor for everyone else who also opened the drawing.   I assign each group a font colour and briefly give ground rules about trying not to type near someone else’s cursor and off they go.  Within a few minutes the drawing is full of sentences and questions written with the ‘text box’ button. We then regroup and dialogue about our collective thinking.  It’s becoming a favourite way to quickly get student input on a topic.