I guess it’s official – I’ve launched a blog.  I think the biggest reason I convinced myself to do this is that it’s really challenging sharing the cool things that are happening in the classroom with parents and colleagues.  In the modern classroom work is becoming more and more “paperless” everyday.  Thinking is done collaboratively, in groups.  Kids are learning life skills like working in teams, compromising, using all kinds of technology and asking really smart questions.  This is sometimes hard to summarize in a newsletter.

A blog allows me to share some of the media being created.  I can upload photos of fantastic work.  I can post ‘tech-talks’ by my students that help explain some of the digital tools we enjoy using.  I can show you what learning ‘looks like’ with a photo-essay compiled and edited by a ‘learning journalist of the day’.  I’m hoping this blog helps you understand what makes room 205 tick.

I see this blog as a parallel to the collection of information you can access through student Google Classroom accounts.  Be sure to ask your child about this online world where work is posted, questions are asked and learning is saved.  The 21st Century is here and your child is already a digital citizen!

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