Sitting in Pods

I like the term “pod” – so futuristic.  When I ask students to work in their pods I feel like I’m sending them off to someplace really important.  Four learners sit in a pod.  They’re colour-coded which allows them to equitably share the workload (e.g., it’s red’s day to be logging into the system).  Collaboration and hard-work points are awarded to all pod-mates – not individual kids.  We work as teams to accomplish our learning goals.

All pods have a large screen computer station.  We call these SOLE systems.  How do four kids share one computer?  Quite well, actually.  And we use it – a LOT.  We sometimes supplement our pods with extra Chromebook laptops, but we mostly read, play games, think, and communicate this thinking as pod-mates.

From the front of the classroom I can see what is happening on every screen in the room. I can quickly tell who is engaged and on-task.  I can easily slip over to guide those in need.  Our room certainly has a ‘futuristic cafe lounge’ vibe.  I really like our classroom – and I have a sneaking suspicion that the students know they have a pretty ‘cool’ workplace too.