Being a ZERO

Chris Hadfield’s autobiography has really inspired me.  This guy is driven and super-focused.  He knew what he wanted and every decision he made had an impact on his end goal.  In this sense, sharing his writing with the class perfectly meshes with our school’s goal to foster a growth mindset in our students. This means that we want to instill in kids the ‘power of yet’.  You might not be a master of a skill yet, but by learning from mistakes, you’ll get there.  A positive outlook, and being able to accept and use feedback is key.

Chris also suggested something of a mantra that I’ve adopted in our room.  “Aim to be a zero”.  This sounds ridiculous at first.  But as he explains, in life there are +1’s, 0’s, and -1’s.  -1’s take away from the experience of others.  Their actions aren’t respectful of the group’s needs.  Zeroes, however, are trying their best to meet expectations, whether that be on an assignment, or something as simple as showing appropriate hallway behaviour.  A +1 is someone who is really shining.  They’re being a leader and making the experience for others better.  We can’t all be +1’s everyday.  But we can strive to be.  So we aim to be a zero, and look for those little opportunities to show off our “+1” leadership.

Have you been a zero today?